OSM Mappers and developpers invited to the Randa Meetings 2014

We (as in SOSM) have been approached by the organizers of the 2014 Randa
Meeting if OSM developers would like to participate. I think this would
be a good opportunity to work on some larger projects together, one that
cam to mind was OWL, but there are sure to be others.

If there are people from OSM attending I would try and see if the OSMF
could cover some of the costs (aka the accommodation).


-------- Original-Nachricht --------

Dear all
Randa [1] is a small and beautiful village in the Swiss Alps just two
train stops away from Zermatt with its world famous Matterhorn! The next
Randa Meetings take place from Saturday, 9th to Friday, 15th of August
2014. The association Randa Meetings lead by Mario Fux organises the 5th
Hacking Meeting already.

What are these Randa Meetings?
The goal of the Randa Meetings is to bring groups and people from the
global free software, open source and open data community together for
one week in a nice place to discuss, work and hack on the next big (or
small) thing. Due to its origin so far mainly the KDE community has
participated and we have hosted as much as 50 developers (the house has
a capacity of approx. 100) [2].

The organisers of Randa Meetings provide the place and basic services
such as food, drinks and accommodation (not for free but for a very low
price, see below), meeting rooms and the probably nicest view you can
have for a (developer) meeting. The content comes from the participants.
So you can come with your group and discuss, map or hack on whatever is
important to you.

So do you have a project you are working on within the OSM community?
Bring your people to Randa in August and you will most probably have a
boost for the project. The past meetings have shown that the great
atmosphere and the peaceful surroundings are very positive for the
productivity and focused work. And you can come for just a day or two or
the whole week. It’s totally up to you.

Family and friends are welcome, too!
Randa is great also for your family. There are a lot of opportunities
for hiking, mountain biking or just enjoying yourself in a great
panorama. This year we know already from a few bringing their kids along
with them.

What does it cost me?
The accommodation is approx. 20 CHF/person and night (+/-5 CHF) and also
depending on how much sponsoring we can obtain. Family members have to
pay for themself (no sponsored stays).
Food (full board) is provided at 15 CHF/person and day.
Travel expenses are to be covered by the participants. For international
participants on low budget we can provide a special fare train ticket on
request (limited availability).

Interested? Get in contact with us! Pascal Mages (pascal.mages@sosm.ch)
or Mario Fux (fux@kde.org).
For further information visit http://randa-meetings.ch/

Looking forward to see you in Randa!
Pascal & Mario

[1] http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=14/46.0999/7.7652
[2] http://community.kde.org/Sprints/Randa