OSM logo usage guideline and other brand questions

The logo is part of the OSM foundation (OSM marks). However, are there any usage guidelines? Like distance from other logos? Color codes (Pantone code, other)?
For the text, how should be the case:

  • OpenStreetMap
  • Another way

Should it use a specific font? For example, what is the distance between letters?

Should it include the .org (OpenStreetMap.org)?

Position of the text in regards to the logo? Above, below, side multi-lines?

Regarding the background for the logo, what should be the color? Only white? Size of the location to keep the logo away from logos? Is transparent background allowed?

Proportions between text and logo?

Alternative colors for the logo?

I want to know if we have some standard for this stuff to create material similarly.


Buenos días.

Puede consultar la política de marcas registradas de OSM., es lo más parecido a lo que busca que he podido encontrar.

Deduzco por su pregunta que no está tan interesado en la política de marcas como en una guía de estilo para la creación de logos derivados. Como comprobará en la política de marcas, no parece haber ningún requisito en ese sentido. Solo se establecen limitaciones en lo que al uso se refiere. La libertad del estilo empleado en la creación de logos derivados parece ser absoluta siempre y cuando su uso siga esa política.

AFAIK there aren’t any logo/branding guidelines like you ask for. The OSMF Trademark policy governs legal stuff. It’s very generous, and allows nearly all non-commerical, non-endorsing stuff.

I’ve made a few varients of the OSM Logo, and I just try to copy what was done before, and what looks nice. That’s as much “usage guidelines” as you’ll get. :rofl:

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As you say there is no OSM style guide (and given certain long standing other issues of ugliness I don’t really think that it should really be a top priority), but for example the trademark policy does have bearing on capitalisation and other use of the OpenStreetMap mark. For other things the horse has long bolted, for example the logo.


Definitely not.

I can understand the desire to utilize space better, but if it can be avoided I wouldn’t mix up domain name and the OpenStreetMap trade mark (aka our brand).

I have also made a few variants using what others have done before, only for community logos or mapping projects within the OSM environment.

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