OSM licence restrictions, clarification needed

I’m going to extract some entities from the OSM database (derivative database) and create a website, where users will collectively add/edit description (Wikipedia-like) as well as comment. The only usage of the OSM database will be geocoding (creating stubs) name, location and so. I’d like to make user edited content available under a BSD-like, not share-alike licence. Data won’t be mixed. Is it allowed under the terms of current or previous (CC-BY-SA) licence?

I cannot give you a 100% answer,

but maybe someone already asked a similar topic at http://help.openstreetmap.org → search for “licence” or other related keywords.

Didn’t you find any answer or hint at the OSM wiki pages about Licence?

stephan75, thank you for the link.
I didn’t find exact answer, but some rather similar. It seems that it isn’t allowed under the terms of both licenses.
I’ll have to find another data source…

It would be great if you could switch to the BSD or another not so restrictive licence.

This seems to be not realistic, because we had the big licence change one year ago in summer 2012 … and that was a very complicated and partly painful process. Thus I do not expect any licence change in the next few years.