OSM layer for Google Earth: testers welcome

Hi there,

I’ve written an application for Google app engine that can display OSM maps in Google Earth.

The nice thing is that you can view your maps together with other Google Earth layses and in 3D:

And unlike other similar applications, it allows to tilt the view. In order to avoid loading too many tiles, the zoom level is computed indidividually for different areas of the screen:

You can try it out here: http://ge-map-overlays.appspot.com/openstreetmap

Right now, I support 5 different OSM maps: Mapnik, Osmarender, OpenCycleMap, Hike & Bike Map, and OpenPisteMap. What other OSM maps are there that could be displayed as well?

I would be very thankful for any kind of comments and suggestions, either here or at the link above.

Thanks for your attention,


I’ve put OSM on and it’s fantastic. Thank you very much for your work, it’s great! So easy too!

My GE in Ubuntu Linux crashes when I open it. It’s 736 bytes long.