OSM India Forum rules

Dear All,

Just for your kind knowledge, we have some to taken care of in this forum posts.

Forum rules:

Political discussions related to OpenStreetMap are welcome, but discussions on religion or other non-openstreetmap politics are considered off-topic and will be moderated. Personal attacks: same deal.
Users will be warned once. Continued violation may lead to a temporary ban (a.k.a. cool-off period). If this doesn’t help a permanent ban is possible.
Moderation is not a pleasant duty and the moderators will not read every topic, but -as in any community- not everyone will be able to contribute to the community in a positive way. So moderation is sometimes needed. If you think a topic is decending into personal attacks, religious or political offtopic discussions please report this using the “Report” link shown for each post. Do not feed the troll.
Please try to keep discussions on topic and positive.

Thank you all.

Happy Mapping!!

Please try to name your thread heading as appropriately related to your issue/topic/post. This can help others to search quickly the topic that they really interested in, with thread name only.