OSM in New Caledonia


I am new on OSM, and I am working on the map of New Caledonia.

Is it possible to open a group or a discussion about New Caledonia ?

I have found some public geodata on internet, but there is no licence. And I cannot join the webmaster of te website.
Can I use the data on OSM ?

Thanks !

Welcome I hope you find someone from New Caledonia here-

Probably not… If you reach the creator of that data then sure, but you will usually need explicit permissions from the creator or owner.


I have finally phoned to the DTSI (http://www.dittt.gouv.nc/) .
(Chef du Bureau de la Cartographie : (687) 28.03.16)

They told me that I could use this data.

Moreover, they are thinking about providing public access to more precise data in the future.

Great for OSM !

If some people wants to help for New Caledonia, they can download the data from http://www.georep.nc
I want to inform that this data come from 1/50 000 maps, and I notice that sometimes, there are some problems.

So I never add the data without verifying it. In fact, I use these data only when i know the area (treks, etc…)


When they allowed you to use their data, did you tell them that OSM is using a CC-by-SA license and did they agree to those terms? This is very important and best to have a written statement of the license on which they provide their data or that they approve the use of it in OSM.

If you are sure that OSM is allowed to import the data then, by all means, do it. It’s probably better to have inaccurate data then to have no data at all. If the data is imported then other local people can verify and correct it.

PS. Please take no offense, but to be honest, I don’t think NC has the userbase to need a separate forum. Your questions and information will probably not be read by many people in an isolated forum so I think it’s best to just put it here.