osm geocoding

I’ve been noticing that geocoding results are sometimes so far off the main street that it gets closer to some back alley behind the main street, and I’m wondering what is possible to correct that. Can someone explain what data is actually used to do the geocoding by nominatim?

I’ve noticed certain ways like this that are obviously used for geocoding, though I’m not sure how it gets the numerical start/end numbers for the street:

However, there are lots of other roads that do not have any ways nearby with “addr:interpolation” and I can’t see anything in their tags that would obviously be used for geocoding, so I’m wondering how that is done

The start and end nodes of these addr:interpolation lines should have a (more or less) complete set of addr:* tags. The “addr:housenubmer” tag of these nodes then define the start and end values for the interpolation. Since in this case the start and end nodes have no addr:*, there is no way to know how to interpolate. So this is clearly an error in the tagging and should be fixed.

Micha H.