OSM Generic Routable (new style) does not perform in Basecamp

Hello Lambertus et al,

OSM Gen. routable - new style - does not execute, perform in Basecamp, does not appear there.
Why not? Did it a few times, different days, diff. size: all don’t appear.


Not sure if this thread/ forum is still active. I’m a mac user and since my mac upgraded to el capitan, i’m unable to install osm maps on basecamp on the map. Many people report this issue on this and other fora, the folder appears as .gmap, as a folder, not as an application. I would love if ANYONE, would have a solution for this. I found several threads reporting this, but no solution so far.

looking forward to hearing from anyone with expertise in this area


Maybe you can use this info, http://www.javawa.nl/gmapprobleem.html
Otherwise ask at http://forum.gps.nl/viewtopic.php?f=80&t=26984&start=105