OSM for search assistance

Hi everyone!

Could you please help me with the following:
I’m currently searching for the solution that will allow me to provide input assistance in various geo related fields in forms.
As a result, I need data of the following structure (in csv. Data will be imported in solr):
-Postal code

I plan to start with UK.

I’m new to OSM, and not sure how to export this data from OSM files. Currently I found two solutions: 1. osmfilter/osmconvert 2. Overpassturbo.
The thing I doubt most is post code. Can valid and appropriately mapped postcodes be obtained through osmfilter/osmconvert in UK?
Could you please tell if this doable or I should look for another solution.

Thank you

I would take this to the talk-gb mailing list, as obtaining postcodes is a favourite topic there.

Postcode coverage is patchy because postcodes are proprietary information owned by the Royal Mail. Postcode centroids have been released, but the detailed allocation to postcodes has to be obtained from things like name plates and some governmental databases.

If you want accurate and complete UK postcode information, you need to purchase access to the PAF from Royal Mail.

Thanks for sharing.