OSM events and meetings


We will meet

Saturday 26th March
from 15:00 onwards in
Samsen Villa at Rim Ping Condominium

the wiki does not mention anything, so asking here: How about a meeting or mapping party?
I suggest the last weekend in March (26/27), somewhere in Chiang Mai.
Let me know if you would like to participate.

Are there other OSM related events?


if i have time, i will participate.


I’ll participate.

Enough time to plan a mapping route to Chiang Mai. Hopefully there’s enough left to map :wink:

I added Saturday the 26th to the wiki calendar.

I also set up a doodle so we can see the preference of the exact time to meet:

Insert your name and vote for the starting times. You might also state if you bring additional persons.


How did the meeting go? Did I miss much? :wink:

Is it March already?
Time flies out here :smiley:

Oops, I’m really out to make a fool of myself today. Somehow I mis-programmed my brain into thinking the meeting were in Feb.

I’ll be there, if I can find it (little joke).

I’ll come too

I tried counting and see we would be 8 people already. That are great news!

Any suggestions for a convenient place to meet? I think availability of Wifi would be great to be able to look up things in the net, for other meetings this proved useful.

Quite early in the planning, still I’m the only one in the doodle above. We could use it to get an impression of the best time of day for the meeting. Registration is not required, simply enter your nickname and vote for the time. If you bring a friend/girlfriend/wife you could state that also so we have an impression on how many people to expect.

So repeating: Saturday 26th MARCH 2011 is the big day for OpenStreetMap in Chiang Mai.


The location is settled.

We will meet

Saturday 26th March
from 15:00 onwards in

Samsen Villa at Rim Ping Condominium


The place offers us enough room, has reasonable prices, can be conveniently reached by car and should be easy to find.
The condominium is a landmark, parking is left-hand side of the building when looking towards the river.

I’m looking to get a shady place in the outside area. In case it’s raining or too hot we have an option to go aircon inside.
Hope WiFi ist strong enough so it’s possible to look up OSM stuff just in case.

Here in OSM with a marker set:


Feel free to bring friends interested in OSM.

Happy to meet you all on Saturday!