OSM Editing Help

Hi guys

My first forum post, be gentle :slight_smile:

I have been using OSM for quite a while to help planning my mountain biking routes, I have recently bought a new GPS and want to use it to give something back to the OSM community.

I am looking to upload my GPS traces to the site, then use them to add detail to OSM in terms of footpaths/bridleways and other missing detail in and around the Leeds/Yorkshire area.

I have managed to figure out uploading a trace, but then using it to add detail to the maps seems to my hurdle.

Has anyone got any tips or suggestions on the best way for me to learn, I have tried reading some of the guides but I get bogged down in terminology and just end up confused.

Thanks in advance.

I assume you know also about this page in the OSM wiki: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Beginners%27_guide

Try to follow it step by step … and tell us where you get stuck.

It is a matter of facts that OSM is not a project where you can enter at all possibilities in one or two days. So I can only recommend to read the OSM wiki intensively, and also have a look in your area how other mappers have added and tagges objects there.

When you are familiar with the basics, success will follow soon !!! :slight_smile:

The answer to such a generic question can only be, as stephen75 has pointed out, RTFM (Read The Friendly Manual). And yes, the learning curve is initially steep, and the manual may seem less friendly than you might want.

OTOH, if you ask a more specific question, you may well get a solution to the immediate problem at hand. If I understand correctly, you have been able to upload a trace. What exactly is your current problem?

And welcome to our community. More mappers are always welcome!