OSM Derivative and OSM Copyright Laws

Recently I have been working with a global geospatial dataset for populations. The data creator has told me that OSM data was used to create a intermediate dataset to help them make decisions in their processing to create the final dataset. I have the exact wording if anyone wants to see - I am no lawyer, but I think OSM should review this. I spend hours mapping in OSM - I don’t want anything out of it. The map and data are for everyone - but they should follow the copyright. Currently there is no mention of OSM being used which makes me upset. Who can I send this information to so they can review it? Currently the data is not available to the public - So you have to license it.

Someone please let me know and I will follow-up

have a good weekend

Do you know about the licence information on the wiki: http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Licence/Licence_and_Legal_FAQ#Can_I_ask_the_OSMF_questions_about_the_licence.3F

The email address for questions (legal-questions@osmfoundation.org) is mentioned on that page.