OSM default map style hosting for own app


I’m building a site and want to present an interactive map using the base of OSM default map (Carto) and its coloring scheme.
It’s possible to use the servers from OSM “tile.openstreetmap.org” but these are getting slow and it’s abusing of the free resources of the community.

I’ve tried several commercial services but none of them offers a map that is equivalent to the openstreetmap.org site map. I’ve tried: thunderforest.com, geoapify.com, maptiler.com, the default maps of mapbox.com, and a couple other services.

Mapbox is the most complete site to do whatever we want with the map but it is complex.
Is there a how-to documentation on how to recreate the style scheme of openstreetmap.org site map in Mapbox?

If there is another commercial service already offering map tiles hosting of with the style of OSM site, can you indicate it?



It’s not exactly what you’re asking for, but https://switch2osm.org/manually-building-a-tile-server-18-04-lts/ explains how to set up a tile server to create the same tile style as https://openstreetmap.org’s “standard” map. How big a server you need depends rather on what area you’re interested in.

You can host that anywhere you can get access to a Linux server. Docker’s also an option if you want to go that way.

What about trying OpenTileServer?

see https://www.acugis.com/opentileserver/

Hi Daniel,

if you don’t want to go the hassle of setting up a system yourself, drop me a line at osmtiles [at] protonmail [dot] ch. Depending on your usecase (please elaborate on use case and estimated vistor numbers/interactive map users), I could set you up to a system where the standard osm style tiles are running already.

Thanks for the answers.

I’ve given a shot at trying to put up a tile server with the opentileserver script but I did on a ubuntu virtual machine running on my Windows and that did not work.

Maybe I’ll try later running such tile server on a raspberry pi 4 since my current pi 3 I don’t think it would be anywhere up to the job.

The use case is to serve interactive maps to a website with very low number of visitors. And I don’t need a great deal of updates from OSM data, enough if it’s updated every 3 months or so.
What’s important to me is the showing of lakes, national parks and other areas that the carto of OSM site does so well but all other online servers do so simplified.