OSM database


I am trying to create a ‘backup’ of the OSM database. The only way i managed to do it was using osm2pgsql and creating what seems to be a slightly compressed database of the map.

My question is: is there another way to import the OSM database without using osm2pgsql?(this way I won’t have to use PostgreSQL, or so i think :slight_smile: ). Can I import the original database of the map(in its current state)? I don’t need the database of the whole map, I need it only for a region of interest(a city, a district etc).

Thanks for your help!

Please tell us about your desired target platform to store the “backup” data in.

When you only want to keep a snapshot of a certain area, why don’t you keep the data just as an *.osm-file, maybe compressed with bzip or similar?

Yes, I think osm2pgsql is a kind of lossy import tool. So it only imports certain types of tags etc.

So instead you can use Osmosis for importing an .osm file into a database. And I think it will import everything.

thats right,
let osmosis do the job, with or without database, but “osmosis simple schema” is the best solution.
even osm2gsql is using osmosis to do a part of his job.

osm2psgl is good for creating maps with mapnik, but not for data management.


What i want to do is to create an augumented/extended digital map. For this i have to take the existing database and modify it to fit my needs. I will try with osmosis and see what results i get. The databse that i will be using must run on a localhost(for now), not on a server. The application that i will build will be installed on a computer that will be the host for the databse and also the user of the created database. For now i am not interested in rendering the map. I simply want to copy the database and try to add new information.