OSM data on Google Earth

Via a Kmz plugin, it’s possible to view OSM data on Google Earth (inc. in 3D) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpvmGhSEyhk

Nice to see another use of OSM. Usually, however, OSM data and Google’s aerial imagery won’t align as perfectly as in the video - they match almost suspiciously well there.

Yeah i know about this use of the OSM Model But the thing to remeber doing this is that Do not use use data from Google Earth to add or change anything in Open Street Map, ie. don’t look at a satellite image from Google and add or change streets or other things. Somebody has a copyright on the data shown in Google Earth and using any data from it will compromise the OSM database

Here’s a more recent kmz plugin with dynamic tile zoom level selection depending on the view: