osm composer map ist in mapsource verschoben

Wenn ich mit Map composer eine Karte erzeuge ist sie in Mapsource verschoben
Bsp: Koordinaten fuer Xapi download und map composer Region 15.5 16.3 48.5 48.9
Die Karte wird zwar mit den richtigen Koordinaten erzeugt aber die Mapsource Kachel ist um ca 0.03 grad nach nord west verschoben
Bei obigen Bsp. wird in mapsource die nord west ecke mit 15.47 48.93 festgelegt. D.h. auf dem Garmin wird ein Teil in sued ost abgeschnitten.

Bitte um Hilfe

sorry I thought I was in German forum
my problem is related to map composer
if I create a map with xapi and map composer coordinates e.g: 15.5 16.3 48.5 48.9
the map is created correctly but the map source frame is shifted to north west by approx. 0.03 degrees
This has the effect that the created map is shown in mapsource beginning with coordinates 15.47 48.93 and part of the map in south east is cut off

please help

Not familiar with map composer, but, with splitter, integer math creates offsets of that magnitude at borders.
In my area (Utah, US) the offset is 0.04 degrees south and 0.026 west .

As I was writing this the post got moved from the Garmin Maps forum to the users:Germany forum. You’d to well to re-post to the Garmin forum in English, as it will probably find more viewers who have answers to your question.