osm-cellphone reference?

Hi folks,

im searching for a new Mobilphone. Any references?
On GPS_unit I found:

  • FIC (OpenMoko) Neo Freerunner
    → I have one, but its very beta
  • Apple iPhone G3
    → no, religious reasons;)
  • Nokia N and E series
  • Sony-Ericsson C702
    → so much devices, I m confused.

What would you prefeer?

greetz & merci

btw: my ideal specification:
mailclient, jabberclient, calender, todo, adress, usb and gps;)


I’ve seen a Nokia and iPhone, the Openstreetmap apps are better on the Nokia but the ordinary GPS tracks and location apps are better on the iPhone. Personally I would go with the FIC (what does that stand for?), I can deal with beta. :slight_smile:

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