OSM-binary Windows 10 Build Using CMake

If I clone the repo and follow the steps contained on the ReadMe the build fails:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/openstreetmap/OSM-binary

I had to add the following lines to the root CMakeLists.txt:

set(Protobuf_LIBRARIES "D:/Repos/vcpkg/packages/protobuf_x64-windows/lib")
set(Protobuf_INCLUDE_DIR "D:/Repos/vcpkg/packages/protobuf_x64-windows/include")

After the modification cmake worked but I didn’t find the headers/libraries:

md build
cd build
cmake ..

I noticed that the root CMakeLists.txt contains add_subdirectory(osmpbf) which appears to be a symlink to src. So I changed “osmpbf” to “src”.

CMake Error at src/CMakeLists.txt:7 (add_library):
  Target "osmpbf_shared" links to target "protobuf::libprotobuf" but the
  target was not found.  Perhaps a find_package() call is missing for an
  IMPORTED target, or an ALIAS target is missing?

Any help on what I am doing wrong is greatly appreciated.