OSM apps loosing GPS Signal

Last easter i went to do a hike and at some point, in a open wide area, OSMAnd ans Maps.me (both based as far as I know in OSM) lost its GPS signal and it was not possible to position me in the map.

At the same time, i was recording the route in my crappy “mi band 5”. I think that mi band is using google maps?.
Google maps was positioning me, unfortunately there was no data availability and i hadn’t download the map for offline use in gmaps (i did in maps.me and osmand)

the point is that both apps using OSM maps lost gps signals and both apps using gmaps were able to position me (but no map was available).

I think it is the third or fourth time this happens.
then this apps trying to get the GPS position, kills the battery.

at some point both apps got the GPS signal, very strange.

Once i had data, the mi band 5 track was able to show the full trial.
OSMand, where i was recording the route too, cancelled the tracking automatically.

Lucky i had the trial downloaded from wikiloc and loaded in osmand + mapsme, and more or less i could follow the route.

Any idea why this happens and what i can do to fix this behaviour?
obviously the phone GPS was OK.

While trying to get the signal, i restarted, killed etc… the apps and phone.


what’s mi band 5? the dual band gps phones?
There are plenty of discussions of bugs on Xiaomi’s gps implementation on their dual band phones (particularly on the debuted Mi 8). Perhaps that’s a good place to start research.

The MI Band 5 doesn’t have a GPS, so while it will have been counting steps and extrapolating distance from that, it won’t have any idea where you’ve been. The software that it’s paired with may do, of course - using your phone GPS and location services. Which app were you using with it?

Both OsmAnd and MAPS.ME use OSM data to display a map, but OSM does not provide any location services. The apps themselves (OsmAnd and MAPS.ME) do that.

All you said is correct.

The point is that Zeep app, paired to the band (no gps on band) is tracking.
This means the Zeep/google maps were able to use a location service which was working.

OSMAnd and Mapsme (using the OSM map) were not able.

Ok, i was trying to find out if the source of the problem could be to “relocate” my position on map, or if its the “location service”.

Thanks for answering