OSM and web service

Hello you all. I could write a longish intro here but maybe it’s more convenient to forward you to my site (which is never ready) at www.carelse.com/jeroen. Since some time I work on a map service idea and got the ministry of environment interested in the idea. As I am a designer without any useful programming experience I have a few options. Get money from somewhere and hire someone, study hard to learn what I need to learn, or, find someone who is interested to develop a service with a huge potential and at the same time do some good for the people. This may sound “soft” but I believe it is worthwhile to help others and earn a fair living at the same time.

As I do not know who is here and how much time you like to spend reading my long post I’d think I leave it for now and see who is willing to contact me and ask more.



Right you are :slight_smile: Not very clear but that happens when things are written in a hurry, apologies.

So what I try to figure out is if there are people who develop, or like to develop, services on top of OSM and if those people are interested to get in touch with me to see if we can work together. From what I gather most of the people at this forum are involved in collecting, GIS/GPS data to improve the maps. I am interested to use the maps and make an Internet service with it.

At this stage it would make most sense to me to start a “not-for-profit” organization to develop the service. My strength is in the business, GUI and visual part, I lack the coding skills. If there is interest in this, let me know.

I will not write all the details down here, it doesn’t make sense.