I can add a grid in QGIS on an OSM, but only on the one OSM which is available in the QGIS XYZ tiles.
Is it possible to import other OSM maps than that specific one?
Is it possible to import other maps, e.g. Garmin maps?
If yes to one or both of these two questions … how?

Yes, you need to add a new XYZ-Connection (right click on "XYZ-Tiles and add new URL)

How? check existing OpenStreetMap entry in XYZ-Tiles


Many thanks for your answer.
I understand the workflow but … imported maps , also the OSM’s as you can find them e.g. on http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ , don’ have an URL, but are files with a file extension such as img.
I don’t find any URL to those OSM or other (Garmin) maps.

if that is a tile server, just add /{z}/{x}/{y}.jpeg, .png, .img, … to it and try.


The Garmin maps are designed to be used on Garmin GPS devices or in Garmin software. It’s pretty unlikely that you’d be able to open them in QGIS.

If you’re wanting to use other tile servers, you could try the ones here.

From the tile-servers

I installed for a try-out
Hike and bike
Open topo map

in the XYZ tiles of QGIS, but none of the charts are visible. At the ‘example’ view, nothing shows up.

Though for the OSM map, already installed, the chart is shown as in the example view.
What is missing, what am I doing wrong?