osm albanian cities

I downloaded the latest update of osm map of 18 /08/2012 .and i saw that many cities of albania was under greece .for example to search for Tirana(capital of Albania) .i must compose greece/ tirana and no albania,tirana then there are other cities and countries that Albanians are finished in greece. you can restore this error?

Which map did you download? Sometimes, some issues with creating the index do occur, and some villages/towns show up as if they are on the other side of the border. But what you describe seems to be a bigger problem.

I suspect there is an error in either Lambertus mkgmap configuration or Wanmils locator database. Other countries has those errors too.

I downloaded albania osm on the site free worldwide garmin routable maps on garmin

This is apparently a common problem. I’ve added some information on the map building process here.