OSM 2 Shape

Hallo zusammen,
ich möchte gerne große (!) OSM-Files in Shape-Format wandeln (am besten in eine selbstdefinierte Struktur). Wer weiß Rat?
Herzlichen Dank im Voraus!

I would like to change big (!) OSM files in shape format (preferably in a self-defined structure). Who knows advice?
Thank you in advance!

suche mal auf der Seite help.openstreetmap.org nach “shp” oder shape … da finden sich Hinweise.

Most flexible method is to import OSM data first into PostGIS database by using osm2pgsql and write the shapefiles out with pgsql2shp utility or with ogr2ogr. The latter can write a bunch of other GIS formats as well, see
Osm2pgslq can import all the tags into PostGIS if the -k switch is used.

Unfortunately it is not extremely easy to start using PostgreSQL/PostGIS. There is an osm2spatialite script at http://maps4mac.googlecode.com/files/osm2spatialite-0.1.zip

I have not used it but if it works fine it should create a nice spatial GIS database without a need to know anything about database administration stuff. Once data are in spatialite it is possible to write out shapefiles as you wish with ogr2ogr.