Oregon 600

I am going to USA for a holiday. I will be visiting Boston and New Orleans.

I have an Oregon 600. I have downloaded osm files of each city and made img files.

If I put the individual files on sd card one at a time, they work fine.

If I put both files on sd card (with different file names) only one of them work.

Does anyone know if it is possible to be able to use two different maps on one sd card.



Have you compiled maps with mkgmap? You need different “mapname” for each tile. If you have used default value for “mapname” option, then your GPS ignore second map, because it treat it as a second copy of the same data.

If you have downloaded custom maps from garmin.openstreetmap.nl you need to adjust the family id because both get the same id (2000 i think). You can do this with http://www.javawa.nl/jdm_en.html

Also the FID should be different

Thank you for your replies.

I had been using “garmin.openstreetmap.nl” but downloading two different files.

Once I realised that you could select random tiles (eg those covering Boson and those covering New Orleans)

my problem was solved. just downloaded one map with all the tiles I required.

Thanks again