oregon 450 and custom typfile?

i just got a new oregon 450 and uploaded a couple of osm maps. all my custom poi icons get overlaid with garmin standard icons (see screenshots)

the same applies to the open mtb maps. all the maps work flawlessly with mapsource, basecamp and an etrex legend.

sreenshot oregon

should look like (1), but does look like (2). when i hover the pointer over the icon (3), i see both icons on top of each other (but definetivly only one poi there)

have i overlooked something, is this standard oregon behaviour or is my unit broken?

There is nothing wrong with YOUR unit, but with all those new garmin units :wink:
They don’t like the custom icons, so they throw the ugly default Garmin icons on top of them. The older units like the Etrex don’t show this behaviour.

i think i found a solution. haven’t had the time yet to test it more extensively, but it looks promising.

i noticed that the oregon accepts custom icon for certain pois (i tested 0x34…, 0x51…, 0x115… so far). now i made two maps of the same area, on top of each other.

1st map, lower draw priority, no typ file: contains all the pois for the “where to” function of the gps (ie. 0x2b01 for hotels). this is where the unit puts all the standard icons, but you don’t see them, because the 2nd map is on top of them.

2nd map, higher draw priority, my custom typ file: contains only pois where the unit accepts custom icons. this is the layer you see on the screen.

result: “where to” still works. the standard icons don’t show on the map, except when you choose a poi from the bottom map as navigation target.

i’ll do some more tests in the next few days.

Is your 450 on uptodate Firmware? I thought this bug got fixed by Garmin.

The problem is, it makes no sense to change those POI that are affected, because they need to be included in the map for searchability (else you won’t find hotels under hotels).
If there are any unsearchable POI, that also show this problem, feel free to list them, cause those one could change for the better. (those huge symbols are awfull and block the important details).

firmware is 3.70, and i know 4.20 is up to date. but i don’t wanna update right now because i have another 10 days to decide wether to return the unit to the shop or not. so i wont update till i decide to keep it. so can anybody confirm that the update will fix that problem? link?

but they are searchable. you don’t see them because the 2nd map hides the first map, but that does not affect the search function. it searches both maps, finds hotels in the 1st map and ignores the custom pois in the 2nd map.

Yep, looks like it worked, with the latest firmware I got rid of the default icons popping up over my custom ones, thanks!

yes, problem solved. i updated and everything is fine.

so it was just an error in the older firmware. didn’t even think of it at first but thought this is some crappy garmin “feature” to render maps better than theirs useless…