Ordnance Survey Open Data

Apologies if this has already been answered but its great in UK to have the Ordnance Survey Open data mapping enabled as a background, but why is it not the latest release? I use it mainly for tracing building outlines but have noticed that two schools in my local area shown on the background Ordnance Survey mapping are not up to date. If I look at the same map on the Ordnance Survey website it IS up to date. Or is it the case that we will get just get one update a year on OSM?

It’s the latest release available from the Ordnance Survey’s OpenData initiative. I think they’re intending to update once a year. We can only use what they give us.

In the documentation of OS StreetView, it sais it gets updated twice year in May and November. It was released in April (so potentially is the data from November), and so theoretically there could be an update since we grabbed it. However I didn’t find anything on their website that suggests that there was an update, but unfortunately I couldn’t find a timestamp. The best I could find was a file listing dates of when the individual tiles were updated, and a surprising number of tiles hadn’t been changed in the last couple of years. Some reaching back to 2006.

@retselkim when did the changes physically get build? Were the changes from the last 6 month?