Orbview TMS


We started Orbview3 TMS for our country but part of the coverage covers your country so I’m here to inform you about it.
If you don’t know what is Orbview looka t the wiki:
Current coverage is here:
The coverage will grow with as I get time to process the imagery.
TMS settings are on our wiki:
We hope you’ll find good use of them :smiley:


New imagery in Hungary, more is coming in a day or two.

Great! Thank you! We will look at the process of getting the imagery into the editors! :slight_smile:

Oh, your URL http://tms.osm-hr.org/orbview/{zoom}/{x}/{-y}.png works OK in Hungarian city Zalaegerszeg too. Thank you!

Yes, there is one TMS for this whole region so JOSM URL is the same for all.
Good news. There is new Bing coverage in that city :smiley:
Take a look at the map on http://osm-hr.org/ there is old and new Bing and Orbview coverage one over another so compare.