operate with Potlatch : how to enter all arguments

How to enter directly all arguments of an highway as only one entry (copied out a text document from an opened editor window)?

for ex.:

bicycle=official + cycleway=right + cycleway:right=sidepath + foot=official + highway=cycleway + horse=no + lit=yes + oneway=yes + segregated=yes + surface=concrete

I don’t know Potlatch well enough to say for sure that it’s not possible. With JOSM it’s trivial. Look at this wiki page for a pointer:


What you’re looking for in the source of that page is this:

[localhost:8111/load_and_zoom?left=4.969&right=4.989&top=50.916&bottom=50.956&select=node980356115&addtags=route_ref=|name=Bekkevoort%20Keulenbos|addr:street=|addr:city=| 308061]

As you can see, it’s even possible to clear tags.

In JOSM you have to enable remote control in the settings (F12, switch to expert mode)

I hope this helps. I know it’s a hassle to switch to another editor, but as soon as you start doing more advanced stuff in a more convenient way like you want to do here, it’s the better option.


Hi Polyglot

Thank you very much for your answer.

My problem is that I have 4 PCs and within the PC divers version of Linux / Android all without Java as live systems running entirely in RAM and as Java a/ is a colossal software and b/ exists in a great amount of versions not all accepted by applications they are not preinstalled. So I can not run Java applications. Divers of my Linux versions support Merkaartor but a/ I did already move one time a part of the town with it :laughing: and the ways connections, b/ I did not understand what I did do wrong, c/ the user of Merkaartor are rare, d/ the forum of Merkaartor exists but have no frequentation so I am not enthousiast to do that again as I don’t know where I can find a friend with good experience able to help me to start with Merkaartor.

And I did see that Potlatch can do really a lot of good things and runs in all my Linux versions in Seamonkey. Seamonkey give me access to the maximal size usable on my screen as each commando line can be hidden hitting just one time left of the commando line on the little virtual key.


Potlatch exists translated in German (and perhaps in other languages?), a tongue I can manage better as English (I am French speaker, and I find that the used tags differ really much from French language even if they have or have to same signification! The guys having selected such words were a little silly dilly to make the job as difficult for all speakers of latin languages having not learned Englisch - is my situation. A word as SEGREGATED remembers to racial conflicts but not to an SEPARATE or INDEPENDENT way… etc.! and next difficulty, we have different laws in all our countries making problematic to accept other words without reserve, like DESIGNATED because there are divers level of obligations all under the same idea: the way is designated for one level of obligation or designated to be free to use for this kind of use!)

For this reason, I have actually to prefer Potlatch and to search how to use it as correctly as possible.

Kind regards