OpenStreetMap XML

I am fairly new to openstreetmap and hence this question. Is there a way to download an extract (XML file) of openstreetmap for a specific region or country, containing all data. For instance, on the website when i select a road, i can export an XML file including object information such as the maxspeed (see link: However if I try to export a whole region it doesnt contain any object information. Btw I want to have this locally on my pc. So with queries to any api. Thanks in advance

Yes the simple answer is that the German company Geofabrik have a whole site dedicated to downloads of such extracts. A PBF format is now used for all large scale extracts and not XML (because it’s 10 times larger), although zipped .XML is also available on the Geofabrik site. Most OSM utilities will consume the PBF format directly (significant ones are Osmium, osmium-tool, osmosis, osm2pgsql, osmconvert).

BBBike also offer downloads in various formats, which can be more convenient for smaller areas not encompassed by the Geofabrik data.

Another route for specific information (i.e., selected subsets of data) is to use Overpass-turbo.

Maybe see for even more OSM data sources …