OpenStreetMap User Survey: Share Your Experience and Insights!

Hello everyone! I am from the Technical University of Munich and doing my master’s thesis about OpenStreetMap’s quality. There is a survey to investigate OSM users’ opinions on OSM data quality. The survey is anonymous and will only take you a few minutes. Thanks for filling it out! Feel free to share this survey with others.

The link: OpenStreetMap User Survey - Publish

  1. Please rate the perceived importance of the following quality indicators for OSM:

Perceived by me or by the community? I assume by me, but you should make this clear.

Thank you for your comment! The question I want to ask here is how the respondents feel.

Also bear in mind that most people in OSM just like mapping as a hobby. That seems to be not taken into account by your survey.

I have seen some cases of AI-assisted mapping, but I’m not sure if “Attribute accuracy” and “Temporal accuracy” really make sense to compare in this survey.

Hi Benjiamin23
The survey is on Esri’s server. What is the connection to Esri?

You make sense :slight_smile: But maybe AI will get involved with those in the future

It based on the Esri Survey123 service. To make questionnaire design and data collection easier. The research itself has nothing with Esri.

What is “5. Correspondence correctness”?

For example, two buildings that are very close together might be labeled as one building.

The survey itself says.

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