OpenStreetMap Routing Engine is Open

I have been searching for a very good and usable routing engine on my OpenStreetMap. We have a few beta code but all were very young. Infact, I yet could not find a single which did routing on my New Delhi-India roads. And now finally, reaching the RSS of OSM today morning, I reached and my search was over.

The primary reason I needed a routing engine was for Quality Testing my uploaded maps. I have more less made all the map of Gurgaon OSM and also made major contribution to South Delhi maps. Setting the correct roads and marking the correct one way turns will now be verified using this routing engine. Im so very excited to play with it.

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See for the latest version of Yournavigation the demo website from Nic Roets:

Select the routing layer by clicking on the ‘+’ sign in the top-right corner of the map.

But there are a lot of others routers out there? Well ok but India…