OpenStreetMap Questions

Does anyone know how to do the following or is anyone able to point me to some documentation that can:

I am wanting to create a restaurant map of a relatively small area in ArcMap using the OpenStreetMap basemap (added using the Add Data feature). Is this possible? I just want to be able to create points from the addresses of the restaurants and label them, then provide a pdf of that map to some out of towers, nothin crazy, but it I’m not even sure it’s possible using OSM. I’m in ArcMap 10.2, any relatively quick way to do this?

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I’m not (no more) an ArcMap user… I think that for specific support on that you should ask to the ArcMap community.

A basemap is just… a basemap, so you cannot use it to directly extract information.
You’d need to first extract the needed information from OSM (e.g. using and then represent on a map.

In QGIS ( you can easily do this using its QuickOSM plugin:

This could be also a good excuse to start using QGIS, it would be a good choice for many reasons! :slight_smile:


I have not used but often read here on the forum or on the help site that umap is a simple map making facility