my browsers only gives me “500 - Internal Server Error” in big letters when I go to Is that normal? Where’s the maps? This is now going on for a few hours. It’s been gone yesterday evening, too, and took the weblog and wiki with it. Somebody needs to pay the electricity bill? :wink:

It was right in the middle of my map upload as the system went down. Hope it wasn’t me…

Link works for me, 10 hours later.


Yes, it’s back again. But it was offline for a relatively long time. Does that happen from time to time? I understand though that OSM has a single machine for a task and I cannot compare it with say Google’s availability.

If you think * is down check

Things have been slow (activity wise) over new year, so I think that mean that most people are on vacation.

Good if the wiki is still available, which it wasn’t on 02jan. Thanks for the link though.