editor making incorrect suggestions for traffic_calming?

Currently if you tag a way as something like:


It will say it’s actually an area that needs to be transformed into an area:

Strangely, this doesn’t happen for ways tagged as island which are more area-like in physicality. However, OSM Wiki doesn’t allow for either traffic_calming or traffic_calming=island (the closest equivalent to traffic calming feature that is area-like) to be used as areas as they’re marked in the condensed mini-box on the right of their wiki entries as “should not be used on areas”.

I believe it might be a good idea to change things slightly:

  • OSM editor doesn’t mark traffic_calming=median ways as an Issue to get converted into areas.
  • OSM Wiki gets updated to allow island to be used as an area
  • OSM editor gets updated to flag ways marked as traffic_calming=island as needing to be converted into areas
  • OSM Wiki gets a table update to Key:traffic_calming - OpenStreetMap Wiki to include median so it’s more clear when to use island vs median

The way I think of medians, the area between two carriageways in a dual carriageway, they aren’t really traffic calming at all.

Here I have a question: What is a “median”? I haven’t found much about this in a web search. It’s not documented in the wiki… But according to Taginfo it seems to be used 10k times.
So I can’t say why an area is being “enforced” here…

I reject that. Because the point is that a traffic calming measure is marked accordingly on the highway way. That’s what traffic_calming=* is for.

Where did you get that from? It’s not “traffic-calming” in the first place. The best solution is area:highway=traffic_island . Unfortunately there is no linear feature for it yet. You will have to use the actual barrier= it has. But worse, complicating things further, =kerb has the problem of being defined as one-sided.
Please read What's the traffic_calming=island area? from recently to properly understand the reasoning behind traffic_calming=island first. Keep using area:highway=traffic_island for the physical area.


There’s a bunch of traffic-calming ways that have popped up in a locale that I’m mapping. When I map, I also like to fix Issues. So I see a bunch of these iD Issues highlighted that I’m trying to resolve. iD is suggesting to me as shown in the screenshot that a way marked as traffic_calming=median get converted into an area.

This is at odds with both the permissions for Tag:traffic_calming=island - OpenStreetMap Wiki (the most area like feature I can find under traffic-calming) and Key:traffic_calming - OpenStreetMap Wiki that don’t ‘permit’ it being used on an area.

My key point that I’m trying to say at this point is iD is saying any ways with traffic_calming=median need to be converted into an area, but the wiki says this isn’t allowed. Either the wiki needs to be updated to have the tag allow area use or the Issue conditions need to be addressed in iD so there aren’t all these false Issues that contributors spend time fixing.

I thank everyone for pointing at the other lively thread and helping clarify what the expected tagging is for these features. I’ll work on converting these traffic_calming=median ways added by other people to area:highway=traffic_island areas… so at this point just the wiki and iD contradicting each other needs to be addressed.

This is a regression in iD which happens for a second time. It’s already reported (Raised field on crossing presets triggers geometry type warning · Issue #1175 · openstreetmap/id-tagging-schema · GitHub).