Openstreetmap on Kenwood DNX8220bt


I have a Kenwood DNX8220bt, which uses a Garmin navigation module. It uses SD cards for maps (official updates are named “Garmin KNA-SDxxe”), but I’m still using the factory installed map. I just read on this forum that some people have used OpenStreetMap maps in Kenwood navigation systems. I have some questions regarding this.

  1. Is the factory installed map maintained and does removing the SD card with the openstreetmap revert the navigation system to its original state? (there is a map selection option in the menus, is it even possible to select the map to be used?)

  2. Can GPS logs be used to add data to OpenStreetMap (technically and legally)?

  3. The SD card should be in FAT32. And from what I read, all maps are contained in one file (gmapsupp.img). Is there a way to get more data (apart from swapping cards)?

  4. Is there TMC support (from the wiki it looks like a work in progress)?