OpenStreetMap on IPFS

Hi, i need to show maps in an application i am developing, as you may know, to have a raster tile server is something a cheap VPS can’t manage and, as you can imagine, a cheap VPS is what i have.

I made a raster tile system, in which image data storage and transmission is distributed using … it works just fine for my app, now i would like to make it better and to share it with other developers if it is something they need …

I am working on this here and here you can take a glance , the thing is that the more people use it, the faster it becomes

Take a look, play around a while, reload the page several times, till your region is replicated throughout enough nodes …

WIP forever :slight_smile: , cheers

I think this is very interesting.

Actually would make the network more error tolerant.

I am sorry I can’t help you.
Is the code actively being used?