OpenStreetMap on embedded system

Recently I have started working on the project where I need to use GPS on my embedded system. What I need to do is read vector map from SD card, parse it with STM32 and display on small 2,6inch TFT display. I think maximum fize size (for example Europe map) shouldn’t exceed 500MB, so I need to extract most needed data from origin map. I was thinking to use at first .pbf files but recently I found out that garmin has it’s own file system and I am getting lost a bit. Can you lead me a bit? What should be easiest to parse in this project? Maybe there is some software which I can use to export for example only elements related to roads etc. best online casino sign up is probably the best service about casino for beginners. It really helps to make your first steps in gambling.

Have a look at MapsForge format; it’s an open-source library for offline vector maps. Various map apps use this format, but I think you might need to generate your own files, trimmed down, to fit within your size limits. Good luck. :slight_smile: