Openstreetmap not working

All maps work, but openstreetmap does not. I read a thread in the german forum that it might be blocked, or low priority, but everything else I do with OSM (www.openstreetmap or editing OSM in JOSM) always gives me a map.
In routeconverter it just does nothing, the last chosen map stays visible. It does not even seem to try to load tiles.

Openstreetmap is essentially just a big pile of data. What are you trying to do that is not working? Is it some website, app, API, or something else?

I too am having difficultly downloading maps for my new Garmin. I have downloaded maps before for my Garmin 800, but this time I can’t seem to get past the select tiles, no option to request map or download directly, just text on the screen. Hmmmmmmm…

Hevay load because too many Google Maps users fled to OSM?

The site has been down for a while but the status below the map is ok now, but I believe there is no place to enter your email and order a map.

Try another provider site is very reliable.


These last weeks it takes days and days (and sometimes even more then a week) before changes made to the map of the Netherlands are visible on
First signs of things working not the way they should started even more then two months ago with some tiles on some zoom levels not rendering the way they should.
Don’t know if the problem is limited to editing the map of the Netherlands and the ‘Dutch’ servers only.

Hope it will be fixed soon !