OpenStreetMap metadata?

Does anyone know if it is possible to access metadata about OpenStreetMap, especially concerning data quality, resolution and creation date of the data?

If so, is there also a description of the content of the metadata and does it comply with any metadata standard?

All OSM data is available through the API.

OSM does not really have this sort of metadata: it’s inherently difficult to defined metadata for a folksonomy.

Creation date is available on every object in the database, as the datestamp associated with its first version.

There are various external approaches to trying to assess data quality, but no widely used quality assessment tool. However, the best quality assessment is by people like me using the data, and fixing it when we find something wrong. It’s amazingly effective, quick and doesn’t require a huge additional burden of quality tsars, useless people wandering around with clipboards hassling me (typical IT quality team), clunky software, and years spent defining a data model.

The likelihood of OSM conforming to a metadata standard (or indeed any top-down set of rules created by a committee) is very slight.

So broadly speaking your questions are coming from the wrong place. OSM isn’t another GIS package: now go and read up about OSM.