not working

I didn’t see a topic under “user:Morocco” so I am posting here…

The site looks like is down?
I think we haven’t been able to see map tiles there for a few weeks…

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!

There are some contact links on that site - I’d try using those to see what you can find out.

I’ve no idea what relation (if any) there is between and the OSM mappers in Morocco.

It looks like the site is an official site for Moroccan OSM data?

Looks like they even have a twitter account:

The .ma site contains borders that are more accurate than the .org site…

It may contain “the borders of Morocco as claimed by Morocco, as opposed to OSM’s normal ‘on the ground’ ones”. If that’s what you want - great! Where countries have odd rules about what their borders should be (which sometimes conflict - like India and China) this is perfectly normal.

Yes, that sounds about right.

We’ll try to contact the maintainers…