OpenStreetMap in an iPhone app?


I’d like to use OSM data in a native iPhone app (distributed through the AppStore), but I’m not sure if this is allowed by the licence. If I display a OSM map in fullscreen and as the main content of an iPhone app (not only to show a certain location), do I have to make the app open-source and with the CC-BY-SA licence (I’m not sure if this is allowed by Apple)?

I am not a lawyer, these are my opinions. see the legal talk openstreetmap mailing list for better info

The geo data you create with free map APIs has problems (same goes for google/Microsoft/yahoo). E.g. if OSM supplies the map you geo data created on this map has to be licensed CC-BY-SA, you don’t have to distribute it but if you do (e.g. sell it) you have to make it very clear that the data has the same license as Openstreetmap.

I don’t think it should affect you app.

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