OpenStreetMap File Explorer

I’d like to introduce “OpenStreetMap File Explorer”, an open source web application to interactively explore the content of an arbitrary OSM file.

The application parses an OSM file and displays its content on a map according to user specified style. The file content is also presented in a checkbox tree hierarchically. The checkbox tree is similar to one in the Google Earth desktop program. Double click on a tree element zooms a map on the corresponding map feature.

Another important feature of the application: the same content can be displayed on a number of javascript geographical engines. At the moment 4 engines are supported: djeo native engine, Google Maps API, Google Earth API and Yandex Maps API.

By default the OpenStreetMap file with the center of Berlin is loaded. Please note that its size is 12 Mb. You might consider to try a local version of the application under your local web server.

Details how to setup a local version and how to customize look and feel can be found under the following link:

It should possible to extend the application and develop a web portal for an arbitrary city.

So here are the links to the demo:

To try the center of Paris, add &data=data/paris.osm to the above URLs.
To try Sochi (the host of 2014 Olympic Winter Games), add &data=data/sochi.osm to the above URLs.

Finally, the application is based on the djeo javascript library ( I will announce djeo separately.

Feedback is appreciated!