OpenStreetMap doesn't work anymore on my new install

Hello. I can’t click anything, nor drag the map. Javascript is active, of course. This applies to Opera 12.17 only. In IE, there is no problem. What could be the reason? By the way, also works in Opera. What am i doing wrong?

You probably need to explain what this is a full new install of - the rails port? Or something else?

Sorry. I meant, i have an new install of Windows. Plus the new patches of Flash, which maybe is the reason, why OpenStreetMap wouldn’t work. By the way, i have the same issue witn BING maps.

This might not help, but I have Opera 12.17 on Windows 8.1 (as well as Opera 30 which I use most). It works for me. When you say you can’t click anything, are you able to minimise and restore the browser? Or if you right-click somewhere on the web page do you get the Opera menu?

Hi, EdLoach. Yes, the normal menu will appear after a right click, and i also can minimize and restore the browser. However, the main page is shown ok, but i neither can drag it, nor zoom in or out. So practically, i can’t use the map. Strangely, i can type something into the search field at the top left, but won’t get any results (those two flash icons keep on spinning), until i click on the “layers” icon on the right (strange, but that’s the way it is here). If i do that, the searched items will appear on the left side. But the map won’t show at all, only when i start my standard page, with my city as the default. So i think, that my flash installation might be broken, since the latest update two days ago.

I’m pretty sure the standard website doesn’t use Flash except for the Potlatch editor. I’d suspect something interfering with the javascript - do you have any advert blockers or other extensions installed on Opera that might be causing a problem? I use AdMuncher and have it configured not to do any filtering on or websites.