OpenStreetMap Carto (default map on

Rendering server vial might go out of business soon:

Diary entry about abusing labels for rendering on osm-carto:

Release v4.12.0 is out:

however it seems that deployment on OSMF servers is not going to happen too soon:

There are some serious performance problems with v4.12.0, so if you want to deploy it, please wait for a bugfix release (v4.12.1):

The performance problem has been identified as something with road surface code, so for now we have released bugfix version v4.12.1 without this code:

We’re looking for more coders - not only for simple problems BTW, but that is for a start:

The new version of OSM Carto is available for a few days already, but is still not deployed on website due to big infrastructure changes:

Some of my thoughts on OSM Carto development (part 1 - more to follow, I hope):

Oh, I forgot to mention v4.14.0, which is already deployed - first version update on OSMF servers since v4.11.0:

Embankments rendering in OSM Carto fork:

and new pattern generator version:

Here is my second article about map designing principles - this time it’s about the size:

Article about pattern changes in imagico’s OSM Carto fork:

New release (v4.15.0) is here:

The biggest changes are changing gastronomy objects color to orange and changing farmland and societal amenities colors. The changes are still waiting for deployment.

Hi kocio,

thanks for information and thank you for all the activities working on carto!

By the way, when I just compared the iD-Editor and carto changelog info page:

On the iD-Editor changelog list I noticed links to the involved pull requests for a lot of new added features.
Example: Add preset for sport=badminton (#5233, thanks @rene78)

Is this something you could also do for carto changelog page? Or does this need to much time to add?

Thanks for watching this.


edit: +example


It is something I thought of and it’s perfectly doable, but it makes release more tedious and error prone. It would need somebody willing to do this work. Would you like to join?

I try to focus on merging stuff and occasionally releases. The only way to make more than currently is via teamwork.

I have mapped boundary relations for State Forests e.g. and the adjacent National Park boundary.
However the State Forest boundary becomes indistinguishable when the wooded areas, which normally extend beyond the SF boundary, are also mapped.
National Park boundaries are still visible when wooded areas are mapped across the their boundary.
Is the rendering of protected areas yet to be resolved so that, for example, state forests boundaries are still visible like the national park boundaries?
If this is the relevant discussion, is it close to being resolved?

Edit: I have now read all the discussion in the link and see steady progress is continuing toward a good outcome soon.

I still plan to start rendering them. It just took some time to make research which proved that there’s no clear mapping between them and natural reserves, so they can’t be be unified, and after that there were a lot of other, more clear issues.

If you could do something with coding or testing, it would help a lot.

Tomasz-W (active OSM Carto contributor) diary entry “Make OSM-Carto brighter”:

New release v4.16.0 is out:

New release v4.17.0 is out with more changes than usually. Some of them are quite visible, like rendering natural areas from z5, dots for gastronomy objects on z17 or new icons for memorial subtags: