OpenStreetMap Carto (default map on

New release is on hold, since it contains regressions, wait for v4.21.1:

OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.22.0 is available for more than a week already:

OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.23.0 is out, but the deployment has not yet started:

OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.24.1 is being deployed - basically v4.24.0, but without water color change:

New release (v4.25.0) is out, but not yet deployed:

Kocio, is it ok to drop an issue here? In the Netherlands we are dealing with mtb trails which are only accessible for mtb bikes (often with a permit), but are tagged with bicycle=designated and highway=path. They render on osm (and also on my OFM) as regular bike paths (blue dotted lines) but are totally different. Question is, can Osm carto make a difference here and how?

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I think the best place to discuss such specific problem is to open ticket on GitHub:

Ok, I’ll better start a new topic. I rather will not drop an issue if it is a mappers problem. I would like to know first if and how osm carto makes a difference between those paths before complaining it is a fault of the renderer.

OSM Carto 5.0.0 has been recently released and is being deployed on OSMF servers:—2020-03-18

OSM Carto 5.1.0 has been released yestarday and is being deployed on OSMF servers:—2020-04-10

Version 5.2.0 is out and deployment has been already started:—2020-05-8


I have a question regarding Carto. Does anyone know how to export a map as a picture? Can’t make it work.

Do you know the features listed at ?

Please tell us what worked for you, and what solution failed and why.

New version (5.3.1) is already deployed:

The only visual changes are for mini-roundabouts (rendered like a turning circle) and amenity=embassy is no longer rendered (office=diplomatic with diplomatic=embassy or diplomatic=consulate is visible instead with new icons).

really? This is a change in paradigm, isn’t it? OpenStreetMap carto used to give precedence to the established tagging methods, and amenity=embassy still has 4690 uses
while diplomatic=embassy has only slightly more with 6216 uses

I was discussing the ticket and on the list and nobody complained:

To be fair to the readers of “talk”, the post there literally suggests that there will be no change yet (“I think it’s better for example to wait until the old tagging will pass much lower limit”).

However, I’m sure that people are used by now to features “disappearing” from OSM Carto. I gave up on it years ago when it decided it wanted to be “pretty” rather than “useful” (much discussed at the time - see e.g. It’s less of an issue that it was historically because there are lots of alteratives now, including 5 others on itself.

As with any volunteer-driven software, the maintainers decide the direction of travel (any alternative really would not make sense). If people think that OSM Carto isn’t relevant, they won’t use it.

If the new scheme is used more often, why not?

What about healthcare = pharmacy? If there is no icon available, why not use a red dot?

I’ve noticed some inconsistent behaviour in redering landuse=grass over the amenity=parking. When the whole grass area is located within the parking area the grass is visible over the parking (as I expected it to be), but when only some part of grass area encounters the parking area, these parts of grass are not visible over the parking. Tagging of areas in both situations seems to be the same. Is it expected behavior or should it be considered as a bug?