OpenStreetMap authentification on osmvideo?

To use the BigBlueButton of the OSM foundation, one must create an account.
Could you configure with OSM authentication ?

See generic oauth2 · Issue #1180 · bigbluebutton/greenlight · GitHub


That’s something you should raise with whoever at OSMF manages that service - posting here is unlikely to reach them unless you get lucky.

Note that for most people there is certainly no need to have an account. I use it regularly without one. Possibly you need one to create a meeting but you don’t need one to join a meeting.

OSMF pays Cloud68 to maintain that video system. I’m here main point of contact on this, so you’re in luck with this message! :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree that this “auto account” feature would be useful. The software behind the site is BigBlueButton. I don’t know if it can support account creation via OSM OAuth. I fear it might not. However, I’ve asked C68, and I’ll get back to you if it’s possible

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Their github page mentions „Signup/Login with Google, Office365, OpenID Connect, or through the application itself.“

Assuming we’re adding OIDC for the Wiki single sign on to work, this one might be next?

Still most people won’t need an account if they’re only joining a meeting.

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