OpenStreetMap Attribution in small static image?

Hello everyone,

I want to use a small Static Image of an openstreetmap in the bottom right corner of a website.
My question is, how do I attribute it correctly?
If it’s just a small cut out screenshot of a map, does it need any attribution?
When clicking on the map, it is supposed to direct to OpenStreetMap.

Is this enough attribution or should I put a Link unter the image that directs to the copyright-page of OSM?


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It’s possible that attribution is not required in this scenario. You can refer to the Static images section of the Attribution guidelines, but you’ll notice that it requires some judgement – for example, whether this should be treated the same as the thumbnail version of a larger image.

If you want to be totally safe and believe attribution may be required, you will indeed need to place a separate link to the OSM copyright page. Writing “© OpenStreetMap” onto the image is unfortunately not sufficient to fulfill the letter of the attribution requirement (even if it fulfills the part of the requirement that people tend to actually care about) because it doesn’t make it clear that the data is available under the Open Database License.

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Just to be totally clear: Those aren’t “guidelines”, it’s the personal opinion of a few random people (mostly imagico).

whopsie :open_mouth: I’ve now added ambox to that wiki page to link to official OSMF guidelines, to avoid such errors in the future!


But © OpenStreetMap (ODBL license) should be enough to fully cover it, right?

Maybe try the popular webservice of

then pan and zoom the map there to your target area,

and finally choose the “Export” button on the top left screen where you have several export features.
One of them is exporting the OSM based map as a png image file with correct attribution already added in the bottom right corner of that image … Success?

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I just tested it, but the image didn’t really come out right.

So you suggest that I, to be totally safe, include the attribution somewhat like this?
The © OpenStreetMap text is a direct link to the OpenStreetMap website.


Yes, ideally also with something specifying license like “(ODBL license)”

Yes. IANAL, but according to my understanding, this meets the requirements set out in the respective documents.

That’s only necessary if you do not link to This is why it’s a concern if it’s written as text into the image, but not if it’s a separate link to the copyright page.

Relevant quote:


I regularly post Openstreetmap screenshots and always include the right bottom screen part, like this beautiful map of Sevenum: