Openstreetmap and umap.openstreetmap

whats the difference between OSP and UOSP?


No idea - you’ll need to provide some context. among others suggests “University of Sunderland Press”, which I suspect might not be what you mean :slight_smile:

UMAP (…autocorrect…)

Openstreetmap is the base vector map. UMAP takes a particularly bitmap rendering of that data and overlays it user provided vector mapping information. The openstreetmap data should reflect the the real world and the importance of the features. Individual UMAP overlays can be completely fictional, or represent very personal priorities.

thanks! now i just need to know how ro get an custom background image in umap

As you will need to run your own tile server, I suspect you are attacking this at the wrong level and should be thinking in terms of leaflet and the other javascript slippy map libraries.

At the very least, I expect you will need to run modified UMAP code on your own server.

However, UMAP is a htird part project, and this is not the primary support channel for it. See for better resources.