OpenStreetMap and Instagram

something happened at my IG account

about 3 yrs ago I created IG account for my company in Sweden:
Laugar of Sweden, and the geotag has worked out fine.

But now, when I tag Laugar of Sweden - it shows that I’m at Island
6900 km away!

Anyone know if it’s possible to fix this?

Have written to helpcenter Instagram.
Been googling for days.
At the Facebook account the place-tag works perfectly.

Kind regards
Nina Øverland

You’ll need to raise that with Instagram / Facebook, I’m afraid. No-one at OpenStreetMap has any influence over issues such as this at Instagram.

Thank you, yes I’m afraid that so.
I have reported this problem to Instagram,
so hopefully they will answer.

Hi Nina,

Thanks for bringing up this issue. We may need more information to conduct further investigation. Please feel free to send the issue to

Best, Jesspher