OpenStreetMap and Hacktoberfest 2022


I was wondering which OpenStreetMap projects, apps and sites are participating this year in the Hacktoberfest initiative.

I’m making this post wiki so everyone can edit and contribute, just click the image Edit button below.


UN/EU Runs some Hackaton like event Open Source Software for SDG (OSS4SDG) SDG#11 - Sustainable Cities & Communities in October:

If you are looking forward to get the T-Shirt, be aware of custom fees in case you live in the EU.

Especially for Germany, the taxes plus the service fee added by Deutsche Post to collect the taxes do sum up. It was last year 8-9 EUR to pick up a relatively cheap print (thin fabric) plus some stickers.

The shipping is not declared as a gift and the declared value (which includes shipping) is high enough that you have to pay taxes.

So it might be an option to vote for the tree planted in your name instead to avoid these fees.


Wow, I’ve tried to open and I’m surprised to say that it is only web site so far that I’ve found which is able to completely bog down my firefox even with JavaScript disabled! I guess CSS animations there require some 3D accelerated graphic support :angry: